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Charlotte Mader

CREA Mont-Blanc / Museomix CH – Project Manager and head of communication


Charlotte is a professional of digital communication, specialising in collaborative projects. Environmental science graduate, she’s head of communication in CREA Mont-Blanc, a scientific NGO with expertise in both alpine ecology and citizen science. Member of Museomix CH, she explores the evolution of the concept and new manners to collaborate to bring out innovative ideas. She likes living labs who mix various themes and make sense: in 2017, she organized the Mont-Blanc Lab, a project to promote natural heritage and scientific open data, in partnership with a french art school, an italian environmental agency and a swiss natural history museum.

With an expertise in various formats of living lab, Charlotte Mader is proposing a discussion focused on good practices for collaborative and creative events. We will share about the evolution of museomix, hoping that will make you want to participate to the collaborative adventure and, even better, to organise your own museo/science/culture/citizen mix.